New APCS Group Members

October 11, 2016

APCS is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to our group certification system; PT. Aditya Kirana Mandiri (AKM) and PT. Wana Bhakti Persada Utama (WBPU).  Both companies are members of The Borneo Initiative (TBI) certification program with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) serving as their certification coach.  Both companies have natural forest management concessions located within the Berau District of East Kalimantan of the Republic of Indonesia and within the Heart of Borneo, a priority area for both NGOs such as WWF, as well as the governments of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

It needs to be noted that neither of the new members are currently certified to any standard at the current time and the APCS team will be undertaking their initial evaluation the week of October 17,2016 to determine if and what standards they may be able to meet conformance.  This evaluation will cover LegalSourceTM by NEPCon, FSC-STD-30-010 V2-0 EN Controlled Wood Standard for FM Enterprises by the Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC®) and FSC-STD-IDN-01-01-2013 Indonesia Natural Plantations and SLIMF.  Should the findings of the APCS audit team be that the companies are able to meet any of these standards, they will then undergo an expansion audit by NEPCon, our FSC accredited certification body before achieve any certification status.

As part of this process, APCS welcomes feedback from any stakeholder about either company and/or the process involved.  You may provide this by sending an email to:

James Simatupang, Program Director, APCS              

Fauzan Kurniawan, Group Manager, APCS                 

We welcome AKM and WBPU to the APCS group certification system; designed to provide affordable and efficient international certification services to members throughout Indonesia.


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