Fight Peat Fire With Peat FireX

September 21, 2015

Peat fires are now recognized as a global threat, with significant economic, social and ecological impact. Peat fires cause serious loss of property, destruction of forest acreage, and loss of life. Because water and or foam cannot effectively penetrate thick layers of organic material, peat fires are extremely difficult to fight… until today.

  • Safe, non toxic and biodegradable – made from natual-based ingredients
  • Penetrates duff, peat and muck
  • Uses significantly less water, manpower and resources

Peat FireX is the revolutionary new product that stops peat fires… fast. A safe and biodegradable formula, Peat FireX breaks through the duff layer while other products simply run off. Once Peat FireX breaks the surface tension of the soil, the product penetrates deep into peat and muck, stopping fires cold. And it stops peat fires with significantly less water and resources. It works FAST, and after the fire is out it provides a lasting retardant barrier. Peat Fire Suppression is now possible, even for long-burning fires.

Peat FireX in the news: Fire Dept. Tests Peat FireX on Threatening Mulch Fire with amazing results


Peat FireX can be delivered via hose, sprinkler, or air. And we manufacture a range of mixers that will work with your existing tanks, and custom built solutions for any need.

The RDS-U (Rapid Deployment Solution – Universal) Mixer: Works with your existing equipment

TDM-100 (Tactical Deployment Mixer – 100 Gallons): A self-contained system that slips into the back of a pickup truck

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