Virtual Office Saving The Environment and Business Cost

September 2, 2019

In this digital and practical era, a platform of top necessity that is able to accommodate your productive activities to be more efficient is certainly very much needed. One solution that is currently being warmly developed by using a virtual office (virtual office) that is very effective for business people who need mobility and work.

When businesses require flexible working hours, virtual offices create opportunities for people to work whenever they like from wherever they are. Not only that, virtual offices also allow you to not have to travel, technology costs are low or even non-existent, and costs of overheating are lower. For workers, having a virtual office also saves travel time, increases productivity, and results in lower turnover rates.

Benefits of using a virtual office are:

1. No travel time required.

Usually two or three hours every day are spent preparing to work and going to the office, now it has changed to time spent focusing on work. Therefore, productivity increases and employees are more focused. You and your employees are also not burdened with traffic problems that must be faced when leaving the house to work.

2.  Minimize emissions of gas emission.

By not doing frequent home-office trips such as when working in a physical office, you are helping to reduce the impact of exhaust gas on the vehicle you use for the trip.

3.  Less overhead.

here is no office rent, no utility payments, no hardware. All these savings can not only be passed on to clients, but also affect your profit margins, allowing you to invest more in improving the quality of resources.

4. Save money on technology

By working remotely, employees can have the technology they like, and they are responsible for improving it when it's convenient for them. Although there are some cyber risk concerns about not having the technology provided by the company, it's quite easy to manage with password, monitoring and employee training tools.

5. Increase Productivity

Because you use technology as a basis for work, you are setting targets and limits for employees digitally. You will see an increase in employee productivity. If employees meet or exceed their goals, they keep their jobs. If not, you will immediately see that and be able to make an accurate assessment with the system that has been utilized. This can also reduce drama between employees and superiors that often occurs in between busy office hours.

6. Energy Consumption

A physical office brings with it some very serious energy consumption. Electricity, air conditioning and many other energy related outputs are reduced substantially in a virtual office environment with Bete estimating they save 8.4 tonnes of carbon emissions per year

Eco-Cost Cutting - The use of a virtual office can save a business in terms of costs, whilst additionally helping the environment.

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