APCS Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary!

April 9, 2016

On April 09th, 2016, Asia Pacific Consulting Solutions (APCS) celebrated its 5th anniversary.

Since its founding on April 4th, 2011, APCS has delivered full services in forestry and natural resources management. This year, APCS wants to share the happiness and gratefulness of achieving success by holding a birthday celebration and lunch together with the clients, vendors, partners, and beloved children from the local orphanage in the office of APCS in Bali.

“Happy 5 Year Anniversary to APCS! I am grateful to lead the APCS Company for 5 years, I know and believe with the support from all of our team members, will make APCS even better in the future. The current company milestones cannot be separated from the help of my partner, Mr. Loy and our employees who have made themselves as a family in the APCS. We continue to uphold our motto "there is no box" as our reference in discussions and providing the best solutions for our clients. APCS must be ready to face the challenges with smart work attitude, loyalty and high spirit as well as good teamwork so that the purpose and ideals of the Company can be better achieved. Once again, Happy Birthday to APCS! Keep It Simple and Smart, and also get the job done!” said Mrs. Bertha Napitupulu, President Director of APCS.

On the occasion, Mrs. Bertha also added that the core of this historical commemoration should also always be associated with the definite efforts from APCS Team who have been carrying out their duties, anytime and anywhere.

Over the past 5 years, APCS has built a reputation as one of the best forestry consultants in Indonesia by providing a broad range of services to companies that are attempting to achieve sustainable business management for their forests and/or manufacturing sector. APCS keeps it simple by always giving each client priority and providing the best solutions for their clients to meet their needs while maintaining their current internal systems as much as possible.

The event continued with a sermon from Priestess Nafthalia and praying before the Tumpeng slicing by Mrs. Bertha as a sign of gratitude for every achievement in the last 5 years.

Live music accompanied the delicious lunch. The festivity was also built up with performance by children from the orphanage, and full of games with prizes for the children hosted by the MC.

A prayer of gratitude led by the MC and final speech from Mrs. Bertha ended this event, but not before giving donations to the Sidhi Astu Orphanage. As a momento for this 5 year Anniversary, souvenirs were presented to all the invited guests who attended.

Happy Birthday APCS!! Keep the spirit and always look ahead…


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