Plastic Pollution

May 19, 2019

Mostly the world's population  used plastic bags in their daily lives. This is because plastic bags are very efficient and costly compared to using paper or cloth bags. But did you know that efficient plastic when used will be very deadly when it becomes trash?

Triggering Climate Change
From the production process, consumption, to its disposal, it produces high carbon emissions so that it contributes to climate change because the condition of the earth is increasingly heating up. The source of material for plastic bags made from petroleum, which is a non-renewable natural resource, results in environmental pollution in developing countries because the waste of the plant is discharged into the river and burning of methane gas results in carbon emissions into the air.

Dangerous to Human
Plastic bags that are burned can cause air pollution and respiratory problems. In addition, plastic bags used as food containers have the potential to disrupt human health because toxins in plastic bags can move to food.

Decompose for A Long Time
Plastic bags (and other types of plastic) are difficult to decompose on the ground because of their long carbon chains, which make it difficult to decompose by microorganisms. Plastic bags will decompose hundreds of thousands of years later. Plastic bags that are claimed to be environmentally friendly will decompose for a long time and will still become garbage. Moreover, because of its fast breaking down into plastic micro, it will be easier to pollute the environment.

Polluting The Environment
Plastic bags are disposable items with irresponsible post-consumption activities. Plastic bags that are disposed of carelessly can cause:

  • Blockage of gutters and water bodies;
  • Eaten by animals;
  • Damage to ecosystems in rivers and the sea;

Because plastic waste (especially plastic bags) is not managed responsibly, this causes Indonesia to be "accused" of being the second largest contributor to plastic waste in the world (Jambeck et al, 2015).

We saw news of the discovery of dead carcasses stranded on the beach or floating in the middle of the sea often. When autopsy it turns out in his stomach there is a large amount of plastic waste in the ocean such as plastic bags, plastic wrapping snacks, to plastic waste for industry. They might assume that this plastic waste is food, but it turns out that it caused their death.

It is unfortunate if these marine biota bear the consequences of human irresponsible actions. Therefore, let’s start to minimize the use of plastic in our daily life. Bring your own grocery bag from home. Let's create a more friendly earth for all beings.


Source: Dietkantongplastik, author

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