Premier Asian Event for Pulp, Paper, Board, Packaging, Print and Corrugated Industries 2016

June 14, 2016

Organized by UBM Exhibition Singapore Pte Ltd, Asian Paper Bangkok 2016 was held at BITEC, Bangkok on 01 - 03 June 2016, marking its 14th edition. The event had gathered all the key industry players to network face-to-face and to discuss the latest innovations, industrial trends and offerings of the latest cutting-edge products and services. The Asian Paper exhibition covered the entire pulp and paper value chain from chemicals, adhesives, machinery, parts, converters to paper, packaging, corrugated, and print products and services across the three-day event. 

In this event, the Managing Director of APCS, Mr. Loy Jones was invited as a speaker in the Senior Management Symposium (SMS) agenda under the session “Sustainable Forest Management for Paper Industry: Past, Present and Future”. Sustainable forest management has changed over the decades and as a result, it has created greater challenges and opportunities for the forest product industry, particularly the Pulp and Paper industry in which the norm is monoculture tree plantations. Greater scrutiny by stakeholders who have concern about deforestation, degradation of natural forests, climate change and habitat loss does not have to negatively impact our industry, but should be an opportunity for us to demonstrate that forestry and forest products are truly sustainable for all the values of a forest. The discussion includes how sustainable forestry definitions have changed over time, how stakeholder perceptions have influenced that, and where we might go in the future with sustainable forest management. As already known, Mr. Loy Jones is a forestry expert with more than 35 years of experience in this field. So in the event, he delivered a thorough breakdown of issues regarding how the concept of sustainable forest management has changed over history, implications of sustainable forest management for industry today, as well as opportunities of sustainable forest management and implications for the future.

 “As climate change and deforestation continues to dominate the discussion, more and more buyers will demand forest certification in one form or the other. Whether we like it or not; the Green Economy and Market is the wave of the future and will strengthen over time just as the organic food market has shown. A larger and better managed plantation system within countries to reduce the pressure on natural forests while providing society products that are needed as well as environmental services for society and wildlife is where we should focus our efforts.” he said. Many questions were asked and the discussions occured during this topic presentation reflects a great interest in knowing more about the forestry industry that is providing fiber for the products they make.

Some of Asian Paper Bangkok 2016’s show highlights were exclusive mill visit (pre-event day), New Applied Technology conference and the Hosted Buyer Program. This event was visited by over 3,000 visitors consisting of Academics, Buyers & Sourcing Personnel, CEO's & Decisions Makers, Consultants, Designers, End Product Users, Industry, Associations , R & D, Professionals , Paper Traders, Distributors & Wholesalers, etc. during the three days event.



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