A Million Tree International Day

January 11, 2022

The one million tree movement is commemorated every 10 January as an effort to save forests and preserve the environment. The purpose of commemorating the World One Million Trees Movement Day is to create a healthy, cool and beautiful environment. This commemoration invites us to continue to preserve trees which are very important for human life.

Activities that can be carried out in commemoration of the day include planting trees in various places. As we know, trees have the ability to produce oxygen into the air which is beneficial for human respiration, and reduces carbon dioxide content. In addition, by planting trees we can maintain climate stability, prevent flooding or erosion and provide food and shelter for animals.

In Indonesia, this movement was first launched by President Soeharto in Jakarta on January 10, 1993. In his speech, President Soeharto invited all levels of society to participate in the One Million Trees Movement, namely planting trees to exceed one million in each province.

Through this tree planting movement, the problem of global warming is expected to be resolved. This is because the light or sunlight will be absorbed by the tree through photosynthesis. As a form of our concern for the environment, we can start by planting trees in our home environment, then take care for the sake of environmental sustainability.

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