June 21, 2017

Carbon or usually called charcoal was so close to humans dailyusage because of its benefits. Carbon itself is a word derived from the Latin words. Carbon means coal. Coal is very good for combustion process, because its stable allotropes make smoldering coal can last for a long time. That why many people choose coal for combustion process.

Benefit of carbon for human life :

  1. As one of constituents element of diamond and graphite. Diamond and graphite are so unique. Graphite could made from diamond and also diamond could made from graphite.
  2. Carbon is a basic material of every metal, like steel and iron. Steel and iron are very useful for industry.
  3. In element form, carbon used for absorbent, while in compound form such as CO2, carbon could use as in photosynthesis.
  4. As in medical field, carbon used for medicine material.
  5. As fuel
  6. Could absorb toxic & bad smell
  7. Carbon in coal form usually used for metal processing reductor
  8. Carbon in graphite form usually used as content of a pencil, electrode in battery and electrolysis cell.
  9. Carbon in diamond form usually used for jewelry and drill bit for oil drilling.


Although those benefits above very helpful to humans, carbon turned out to have negative impacts if it used in excess and less appropriate. Carbon in Carbon dioxide form or CO2 has bad impact in medical field. CO2 produce not only from plants but also comes from vehicles that usually called pollution. Pollution could made health problem especially respiratory disorder. Toxic CO2 gas could made metabolism react with blood and cause loss of consciousness to heart attack.

Nowadays, international’s issue about carbon is enforcement of carbon tax. Carbon tax is tax on pollution or environmental taxes imposed by The Government to carbon or polluting producers. Carbon tax offers a potential effective cost regressive tax which is will not affect to low income society directly.

Business fields that subjected to carbon tax such as oil companies, coal, liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline or aviation fuel. The implementation of this carbon tax will directly affect a number of industry sectors such as mining, steel / construction, energy supply companies, and transportation services.

Benefits of carbon tax is reduce global emission and reduce impacts of climate change. Ideally expected, related companies will transform into a green company by minimizing carbon use. The ultimate goal is to create cleaner air for the whole world.

But if carbon consumption  is not matched by the simultaneous responsibility of pollution-producing company, it is not impossible that in near future clean air will become more “expensive”. From the implementation of this carbon tax, it’s expected that more forest in this world could be revitalized, more tree can be plated and more carbon absorbing media in the air to produce clean air.


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