APCS Social Support Action; The Beauty of Sharing

December 12, 2022

“In this life, sharing with others gives the soul a sense of peace. Sharing sincerely without any strings attached gives a feeling of joy.”

There are various ways we can do good in the midst of a pandemic, one of which PT Pandu Maha Wana (APCS) is doing is distributing donations for children in orphanages. PT Pandu Maha Wana (Asia Pacific Consulting Soutions) on Monday, December 12, 2022 actively distributed donations in the form of groceries and milk to several orphanages located in the Pandu Maha Wana office environment. The assistance was symbolically handed over by the Director of PT Pandu Maha Wana (APCS) Bertha Napitupulu to officers of the Sidhi Astu, Tuka, Mengwi Orphanage and the leadership of the Sekar Pengharapan Orphanage, Buduk, Mengwi.

Bertha Napitupulu said, the basic food assistance for children in orphanages is a form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that have been carried out by the company for social activities around the office area. "Sharing is not seen from the nominal, but from sincere feelings. Because no matter how small the gift we give to people in need, they will really respect and be happy with what we give. This can create a much stronger bond of brotherhood, not only that by sharing it also makes us more grateful for everything.”

"This is an activity that we have been doing since the establishment of APCS as a form of concern for each other and our office environment." He said to the leadership of the Sekar Harapan Orphanage, Mr. Kang.

"Of course this is a selfless good act, not only helping those who receive it, doing good provides a myriad of health benefits and it's never too late to do good. One of our concerns is because we are in this part of the region, so we also have an obligation to help the less fortunate children around us.” he said to Sister Ivonne as an officer at the Sidhi Astu Orphanage.

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