APCS Group System Certified in Indonesia

May 31, 2016

PT Pandu Maha Wana, dba Asia Pacific Consulting Solutions (APCS), is pleased to announce the successful completion of the full assessment process in the development of a unique group certification system, most likely globally, but for certain within Indonesia.  By achieving Forest Stewardship Council® (License Code:  FSC-C125356) certification for forest management and chain of custody (NC-FM/COC-021270), controlled wood (NC-CW/FM-021270) and NEPCon LegalSourceTM (NC-LS-021270) we have created a group certification system with an internal step wise approach that will reward members as they advance toward full FSC® forest management certification.  We would like to thank The Borneo Initiative (TBI) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia who encouraged and supported us to proceed with the system, and particularly our founding members who have received coverage by all 3 certificates; PT Bina Ovivipari Semesta (PT BIOS) and PT Kandelia Alam (PT Klia).

Current membership focus will be placed on natural forest concessions 60,000 hectares and smaller (but not excluding larger areas), with potential subgroups for plantations and community forests in the future as the system grows and we solidify.  New applicants will undergo an intense field and office evaluation once they have submitted an application and paid the initial entry fee (without having to undergo a preliminary assessment by a certification body (CB)) that will evaluate their operations against the following standards:

  • LegalSource standard (V1)
  • NEPCon CoC Standard for FME 19Dec14
  • FSC-STD-30-010 V2-0
  • FSC-STD-50-001 V1-2
  • FSC-STD-30-005 V1-0

Upon completion of this evaluation, new members will be initially assigned to one of the following member categories; Uncertified Member, LegalSource, FSC CW/FM or FSC FM/COC.  A training plan will be developed specifically for each member based on the level of certification achievement they wish to achieve.  As they progress to the point they can meet the next higher standard from where they are currently assigned, they will be moved up to the next highest level in order to take market advantage of that particular certification category.  In addition to a minimum two (2) internal audits by APCS annually, each member will also be audited by NEPCon, also annually, to ensure each member conforms to the standard applicable for their membership category.  Additionally, each member will automatically receive a discount on other services offered by APCS, should they have the need and desire to utilize those, however that is not a requirement of group membership, only an added benefit.

A significant weakness of any group certification system is that it is only as strong as its weakest member, thus there is always a risk that a single member that cannot conform to a standard could jeopardize the certification status of all members.  The APCS Group System significantly reduces the risk of this occurring by allowing the downward movement of a member that is no longer able to conform to the standard for the membership category they are assigned to as found within an internal or CB audit.  They will be moved down to the next lowest level in which they qualify to ensure other member’s certification is not at risk.  In this way it allows a Forest Management Enterprise (FME) the opportunity to work to remedy the non-conformance at a pace that fits their capacity while still retaining some level of certification.

In addition to the group system being unique, our founding members are equally as unique.  PT BIOS and PT Klia are the first mangrove forest management enterprises globally to be FSC certified despite many people doubting that was possible.   However, during the assessment they demonstrated their leadership ability and commitment to sustainable forest management and best practices, not only in natural mangrove forest management, but also in joining with APCS to make this unique group system a success so that other companies within Indonesia may have access to forest certification at significantly reduced costs.

For more information please contact:

Loy Jones, Managing Director              

James Simatupang                    

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