March 20, 2019

March 21 is commemorating as International Forest Day. The establishment of this International Forest Day was established with the aim of raising public awareness about the importance of the existence of all types of forests and trees outside the forest.

International Forest Day or International Day of Forest was first commemorated on March 21 based on UN resolution 67/200 in December 2012. The United Nations encourages member countries to commemorate this International Forest Day by carrying out activities that address the issue of forests and trees.

As we have known so far, forests are a natural resource that plays an important role in human life, forests are also very beneficial in the human environment. Maintaining and preserving forests is a mandatory task for all of us, living things on earth. Because preserved sustainability will provide great benefits in our own lives later.

Every year, 13 million hectares of forest (an area which is more or less the same as the area of ​​the United Kingdom) disappears from the face of the earth. Along with forest loss, the ecosystems in it are missing, including rare species of plants and animals. 80% of biodiversity lives in the forest. Deforestation causes 12 to 18 percent of world carbon emissions not to be absorbed, and that value is equivalent to carbon emissions from transportation throughout the world. Forest is also the main carbon sequestration media. In addition to ecosystems, the human population, especially indigenous peoples around forests, is highly dependent on non-timber forest products for their livelihoods.

Clean air can be produced by forests around us, the absorption of carbon dioxide released helps us to reduce toxicity in our daily lives, and thus it is appropriate for us to preserve and preserve the forest around us to create a healthy and free environment from polluted air ..

Therefore, the commemoration of international forest day is a momentum for humans to increasingly realize that the use of forest products must be balanced with conservation efforts for the sustainability of the forest itself.


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